毛孔粗大 、 暗啞、下垂、缺水 … … 總是跟我形影不離,
早前收到【LRB Paris 萊絲花粉精華面膜】,


變得柔軟嫩滑, 去掉了角質層。

Enlarged pores、Dullness、Sagging skin、Dehydrated skin…
It seems follow me like a shadow.
Just received the【Silky Touch Mask】,
It can bring you 5 BENEFITS within 3 minutes.

☞Detoxifies and vitalizes skin
☞Exfoliates dead skin cells
☞Tightens pores
☞Smooths fine lines and wrinkles
☞Firms skin and refines skin texture

The skin is visibly healthier, smoother, firmer and radiant after using it.
It can exfoliate dead skin cells.
It is a patented Anti-Wrinkle Formula and suitable for all kinds of skin.

Online Store:
Available on Zalora:
Retail Counter:中環置地廣場及金鐘太古廣場Harvey Nichols Beyond Beauty

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